Verification vs. Alidation

Difference Between Verification and Alidation Verification and validation are common words in English and their meanings are also…

Difference Between Verification and Alidation

Verification and validation are common words in English and their meanings are also somewhat similar, yet their use in industry, particularly software development assumes significance as a result of the accuracy of the product. Also known as V and V, the verification and validation are essential to the success of any software. V and V refers to the quality control in software development while these words can be used anywhere, from anything or product.

For example, when you purchase a product of the Internet, you receive a lot of assurances of product characteristics. How do you verify if all the praise and the features the company is talking about are actually correct? Well, you can do so by monitoring the product reviews on the net or if you’re lucky and a friend used the proceeds, you can verify all the features by him. However, you may not know but surely if the characteristics are present in the product until you receive the product and use it yourself. It was only after using the product that you can say you’ve also checked and validated characteristics. And validation of a product is something that comes only after verification and this can not be vice versa.

The verification is similar to the browsing through a checklist before the product was released in the market while his actual validation occurs when customers buy and use. If you buy the software from the market, you are told about the pros and you can check these characteristics by looking at the document given to you with the software. But you are not 100% sure until you take it home and install it on your computer. It is only when you run the software on your system that you are able to validate all the features.

Verification is the process due to ensure that the product delivers all the functionality that is promised to the consumer end. This is usually done with the help of reviews, checklists, walkthroughs and inspections. Validation is the process is to ensure that the functionality as promised by the company is actually the desired outcome and behavior of the product. This can only be done by the actual use of the product.


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