Viber vs. Skype

Difference Between Viber and Skype Both are applications that are associated with VOIP calls. Viber is an application…

Difference Between Viber and Skype

Both are applications that are associated with VOIP calls.

Viber is an application that comes with an iPhone. You can make free calls to other viber users who have it installed on their iPhones. This application can be can be downloaded from the apple store and can be installed on the iPhone. The best thing is, you do not need to register, Viber uses your mobile number as username, registers automatically and sends a verification code to confirm your mobile number.

Viber uses your iPhone address book and displays a tag against those contacts are using viber. You can call them for free however data will be used. If the users are connected to the internet then they can be called from any corner of the earth. Viber for Android which will have identical features is released in early May as the Beta Version.

Skype is application software that is used to make or receive voice and video calls using VoIP. Voice and video calls between Skype users are absolutely free and people can be called to and from any part of the world. You can also make calls to mobile numbers in which case you need to buy credits for such call. Skype comes with a plethora of features like file sharing, call conferencing, SMS, call forwarding, chat facilities etc.

Skype has video calling facilities however there is no such facility at Viber at the moment. There is no need to run the application to receive Viber calls. When you receive a Viber call the application gets launched. It’s a sort of push alert that is sent by the server to Viber application when a call originates. In VoIP context, a push alert is sent to launch the application and then a SIP invitation is sent to initiate a call. Unlike the Skype address book synchronization can be done in Viber. Skype can be installed and used on any compatible device and the same username password is used as login details. Viber supports iPhone only however it is being planned that Viber will release versions for Android and Blackberry soon. Both of them consumes the monthly data plan and also could be operated in WiFi. Real time chat service, SMS, Skype Out, Skype In are some of the features that Skype has but Viber does not have all these currently but Viber has promised to launch Free SMS and probably will introduce Viber Out in future.

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