Village Life vs. City Life

Difference Between Village Life and City Life Life in village and city is marked by lots of differences.…

Difference Between Village Life and City Life

Life in village and city is marked by lots of differences. The village life is simple and not endowed with so many career opportunities and enjoyments. There are no universities or colleges to study and parents in turn, send kids for further study to cities.

City life, as it appears or taken for, is full of fun and a bubbling platform of growth opportunities. Living in city has its own advantages. City life gives you ample facilities to ease the lifestyle. There are universities, hospitals with cutting edge technology and treatments, discos, bars, multiplexes, banks, auditoriums, golf courses, clubs, hostels and stadiums. Villagers need to come to cities for treatment to hospitals and bank sometimes even for simplest of transactions. W

However, on the other hand, there are some striking differences too that would make village life-a life worth living for. For instance, just glance around and you will find that most of city people do not have even time to stop by and enjoy the facilities that city life has given them.  They are rushing around. Most of them are unfriendly and won’t even stop to tell an address or guide someone.  The increasing numbers of factories, industries and mills have amplified the pollutions in cities and everyday city dwellers have to win the battles with noise, visual and air pollutions.

On the contrary, village life is without any pollution and calm. No wonder that most of individuals want to return to their roots after retirement and enjoy the simplified and beautiful village life.  The people living village life are friendly and warm-hearted.  They are pleasant and very helpful.


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