Village Life vs. Town Life

Difference Between Village Life and Town Life Both towns as well as villages are places where human being…

Difference Between Village Life and Town Life

Both towns as well as villages are places where human being live and make their livelihood. What area maybe called a town and what maybe called a village is dependent on the country we are referring to. The area of land that maybe called a village in some country maybe referred to as a small town in the other and the same area maybe referred to as a big city in a 3rd country. So the terms village and town is dependent not on the area of land covered, but on the facilities present in that area, the population of that are and the livelihood of the residents of that area. A place is referred to as a village when there are large agricultural lands there, with not much of modern facilities in there and with the people being very friendly and straight forward, with not much of polished behaviour and etiquettes.

On the other hand a place is a town when it has high sky scaper buildings, well constructed roads on which large vehicles ply, shopping complexes, big schools, sophisticated people and too busy a life style.

If we compare the village life with a town life, we will find a lot of differences between the two, the most important difference being career opportunities and growth prospects of the people living there. The people living in village are usually into agricultural activities and earn their livelihood by working in the farms only. On the other hand, in a town people have various means of earning their livelihood like business, government services, private jobs etc. The schools in the villages are not that high profile and not fully equipped to give the children the latest knowledge of the advancements in the world. On the other hand, schools in towns are very good and provide international level of teaching to the children, keeping them up to date with everything happening around us. A villager has a lot of time all throughout the day and so he is a friendly person, who likes to keep his/her relation with everyone on good terms. As a result villagers are very helpful and friendly people. On the other hand, people living in the town do not have time even for their own family. So they are neither interested in the happenings in other people’s life and neither are they much friendly to be with. Towns have the facilities of a large number of shopping complexes that sell objects from use from all over the world for the customer to choose from. On the other hand, villagers are not that much developed and the options for the purpose of shopping are limited and the articles available are usually indigenously manufactured. In short we can say that the village life, in spite of being peaceful and quite, is not as good as a town life as far as the growth of livelihood and education quality is concerned.

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