Violet vs. Purple

Difference between violet and purple Violet and purple are hues which seem similar and often used as alternative…

Difference between violet and purple

Violet and purple are hues which seem similar and often used as alternative in day to day conversations. They do belong to similar shades and are said to be a blend of red and blue colors. These colors, however, have subtle differences which need to be pondered upon.

Violet is a primary color and can be obtained by placing a prism against light. It is a spectral color. Since it needs bright light to create the desired wavelength, it is difficult to produce violet color on a physical level.  Also, most of scientists are of different opinion on its being a primary color.

Unlike its identical hue- violet, purple is non-spectral which indicates that this can be created as various shades with different intensities of red and blue. Most of scientists also argue that this color is a result of combination of red and violet. The intensities of combinations can be controlled to produce different tinges of purple.

As there is only a fine line of distinction between these two colors, people tend to interchange them.  Scientists have established that the color violet can be achieved by the combination of red, blue and green whereas purple is the combination of different intensities of red and blue. Also, purple has more shades than violet.

Despite the realization of differences, the misnomer is still very much in trend. Only individuals with an eye for detail can identify the fine distinctions between these colors.


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