Viral vs. Bacterial Infection

Difference Between Viral and Bacterial Infection Virus and Bacteria are main causative germs for most of the diseases…

Difference Between Viral and Bacterial Infection

Virus and Bacteria are main causative germs for most of the diseases in humans, plants and animals. These are pathogens, which mean that they are those microscopic organisms which cause infections. These pathogens pass through the mucous membrane and enter our body and this would include the passage like nose, mouth, genital areas, rashes or cuts, wounds etc. Most of the symptoms of bacterial and viral infections are similar and this makes it difficult for them to be identified and distinguished from each other.

Viruses are parasitic and they become active once they enter the body of the host else they remain latent. Any living body can be their host. When they enter the body of the host, they attack the ells and affect their mechanism. They multiply rapidly in the body and strain the body of the host and this shows u in the form of illness and is known as viral infection. Some of the examples can be chicken pox, viral fever, cold etc.

Bacteria are unicellular microorganisms which can reproduce and multiply on their own because they are asexual microorganisms. They do not need a host to multiply. Some of the bacteria are useful for human beings while many others case infection and diseases. Some bacteria need extreme hot while others may survive in extreme cold conditions. Some of them, when infect human body; start living in the human intestine. Bacterial infections cause pain in the body but human body generates antibodies against them. Some of the bacterial infections are tuberculosis, urinary tract infects etc.

Some of the main differences between virus and bacteria are:

  • Most of the viral infections are caused because of lack of persona; hygiene, coughing, sneezing or from insect or animal bite. Bacterial infections are mainly cased de to use of contaminated water and food or when the body comes in contact with the infected person.
  • Bacterial infections cause more pain than viral infections.
  • Viral infections take their own time to subside and you need to take a complete antibiotics course to cure them. Bacterial infections are difficult to be cured by antibiotics.

Infections caused by both these germs need to be taken seriously or they may cause serious trouble and lead to serious medical conditions.

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