Visa Vs. Permit

Difference Between Visa And Permit When one is immigrating to a different country, or even going to visit…

Difference Between Visa And Permit

When one is immigrating to a different country, or even going to visit it, they often come across terms such as Permit and Visa. Many people must be confused as regards the meaning of these two terms as the aim of both these are almost the same. However, these two terms and their meanings differ according to the country that you are immigrating to and its jurisdiction too. For example, if we consider the meaning of the two terms with reference to the United States, then there lies hardly any difference. However, if we take the meaning of the terms with reference to the countries like New Zealand etc., there is a hell and heaven difference between them.

Passport is nothing but a certification or rather a stamp from the authorized authority that proves that you are eligible to enter a particular country for the purpose you want to. A Visa is initially checked and stamped in the country from where you are leaving and it is basically the main duty of the officials in charge of the immigration department to check you eligibility foe stepping into the destined region or country. There are two types of Visas that exist viz. the immigration Visa as well as The Non-Immigration Visa. The former is permanent in nature obtainable only in the circumstances where one is either an actual citizen of that particular country or has his spouse staying in that particular country. The latter one is temporary in nature and allows the person to stay in the particular country only for the time that his/her work persists. These are usually obtained by people who either eant to visit that country as tourist or want to go there for studied or official work.

Once the individual reaches the particular destination he again has to get a permit stamp on his already issued visa document. This permit is nothing but the permission from the country officials that you can enter their land without any problem or in short it means that you are legally and ethically fir to be amongst the native citizens of the country for whatever purposes you are there.Dependng on the reason why the person has visited the country, a permit can be a student permit or a tourist permit or even a work permit.

Both the visas as well as permits have their own expiry dates, but in case of temporary permits, the expiry date is before that of the visas. So either one needs to get those renewed through the immigration office before the date is over or needs to leave that country before the same otherwise he/she might end up into very severe consequences, that may end up bringing his name in the black list for that country.

This will prevent the person from being able to enter that particular country in future. Moreover, renewal is also important due to the fact that as long as you have a valid visa and permit, you fall under the protection of international rules, regulations and laws and if by any chancge something happens, you can always go to the court based on these laws.


  1. Visas help you know the status of your immigration to a particular country before you actual arrival there.
  2. Permits are nothing but the immigration status of an individual when he actually reaches the country. This also contains the aim and the reasons behind the person’s visit to that country.


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