Visa vs. Permit

Difference between a visa and a permit When you are travelling outside your country (country of which you…

Difference between a visa and a permit

When you are travelling outside your country (country of which you have a passport), a visa and permit are something you need to familiar of. In countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia visa and permit are similar in nature. United States of America has differentiated their meanings making immigration a little harder for people. Nevertheless, both of these are legal documents required in any foreign country for your security which states that you are legally staying in a country and, thus, protected by the country’s jurisdiction.

Visa is processed in country of which you are a citizen. For visiting foreign countries in cases related to busness , travel etc. you are going to present yourself in the consulate for a quick preview regarding your concern in visiting the foreign country. Once the interview is done then all the legal documents will be processed along with the evaluation of your interview. Success of the interview will be determined by a stamp in your passport which is termed as Visa. A visa is commonly a circular shaped stamp found in a passport. On arrival in your destination country,  you’ll be experiencing several passport observations. There would be immigration officers who on arrival would be going over your paperwork and they’ll be making sure that you are a legal visitor of their country. Immigration officers look into your status if you are either an immigrant or a non-immigrant one. Immigrants are those people who already obtained citizenship of their country or those who are married with their citizen. Non-immigrant, on the contrary are people who demand to visit the country temporarily for reasons which may vary from studying, contractual employment, short-term concerns and some people travel for pleasure.

Permits, is another stamp which you would be getting right in your passport on entry of a foreign country you’re visiting. The status of a visitor in a country is defined by a permit which would include privileges of work permit or a residence permit as well. Permit is for a much shorter period which expires earlier than a visa.

Difference between Visa and Permit

There is really not much difference between a visa and a permit but there are certain differences between visa and a permit which should be looked into. Most important difference is the place from where visa and permit are actually obtained. Application of visa is done in the native country while a permit is obtained in the country you are visiting. Visa is the one that is checked only on arrival while a permit is checked for every of your transactions inside the visited country.

Another difference between a  visa and a permit is date of expires. A permit is for a much shorter period than a visa and expires as soon as you leave the foreign country. Visa can be used for multiple entries in a country or for entries into multiple countries. Now, you would have got an idea of  how these stamped significant inks vary from each other.


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