Visiting Card vs. Business Card

Difference Between Visiting Card and Business Card Remember the sales man who called you last week, asking you…

Difference Between Visiting Card and Business Card

Remember the sales man who called you last week, asking you for your permission to make a demonstration of a purification equipment of water. You accepted and he appeared on day and the hour which you suggested. The sales man took out a card and gave you to begin a familiar dialogue and finally left having duly introducing the demonstration of his product. The card that he gave you is also called a business card, because it contains his name, telephone number, and the name and company details on with address of its office. Let us consider another scenario of a medical practice where you come as medical representative and ask the official to go indoors and to give to the doctor who knows your name as you have came for a courtesy visit. It is the card which they call a visiting card. However, numerous people are still confused between a card of visit and business card. This article tries to clarify this difference and to remove all doubts in the mind of the readers.

Visiting cards

The concept of visiting cards is of at least three centuries old when they were used by people who were holding important charge and aristocrats who do not want to be delayed by civil servants and used it to inform the arrival. Slowly and progressively, it almost became necessary to carry visiting cards as it has the name and number of contact where a person went and liked to come. These visiting cards are also called cards of call (not that sold by the purveyors of mobile services) which are used by people of marketing and those who are the purveyors of services to distribute to those who come in their contacts. Visiting cards are in forms which are easy to hold and to keep in the wallet and they contain the name of the person. They can besides contain his number of contact as well as its address.

Business cards

The cards of business are similar to calling but the intention to give a card of business is to invite someone or its circle to use products of services. A business card contains general information than a calling card and the true objective here is to inform about its firm, products and services as well as of information of contact of the person handling it. The cards of business are in general more important than visiting cards and most people keep them for future reference. They play a  major role in business and conferences meeting where they have the possibility of acquiring business by means of these cards.




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