Vitamin C vs. Ester C

Difference Between Vitamin C and Ester C A water soluble vitamin that the human body fails to synthesize…

Difference Between Vitamin C and Ester C

A water soluble vitamin that the human body fails to synthesize Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and has diet supplements. The pioneer of molecules like collagen, epinephrine etc Vitamin C is a successful antioxidant that protects the lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids etc from the effect of free radicals and reactive oxygen species. The vitamin C content in a regular human diet is 1/100th of the vitamin C that animals have in their body. Vitamin C deficit results in shortage of collagen and as result scurvy. People suffering from acute shortage of this vitamin have atherosclerotic plaques. The vitamin is a cofactor that helps in maintaining key enzymes activity. Prolyl hydroxylase that is important for production of collagen is one such enzyme. Vitamin C is found in all the fresh fruits and vegetables. The manufacturing ascorbic acid in animals requires four enzymes. Ascorbic acid defends entire living entities against reactive oxygen species and free radicals. Thus vitamin C is a vital aspect in our diet as it many vital performs in our body are and includes most organ systems. Vitamin C is not absorbed properly from the guts of the mammals and it fails to be synthesized as a compensation for the deficit. Apart fro some rare gastrointestinal disturbances that happen at high doses in case of a few people, this vitamin is not toxic. Over dosage of vitamin C causes stones in kidney, faulty absorption of Vitamin B12, excessive iron absorption, damage of cells etc.

There are varieties of Vitamin C supplements .Ester is the most common of them. Ester C is an original form of vitamin C Calcium ester which formed by buffering Ascorbate with Calcium. There are different ester available as far as bioavailability, efficiency are concerned. The ester C is quite different from the fat soluble vitamin C ester. Vitamin C availability from the natural sources has been lessened dramatically due to the changing environment. Since the intake of this vitamin in human body is not enough, supplement intake is necessary.

A bona fide form of Calcium Ascorbate the manufacturing of Ester-C is all about buffering of Ascorbic acid with Calcium. Ester C is a natural product, which is pH neutral along with Vitamin C metabolites inducing fast absorption. The functions of ester C are similar to vitamin C in terms of protection of joints skin, vision, it also has antioxidant properties. Ester C is almost three to four times more available than the vitamin C. However the Inter Cal’s style ester C production involves ascorbic acid heating which results in the production of DHA. The DHA or dehydroascorbate is required in normal cells to be reduced back to ascorbate for proper execution. According to some recent researches DHA protects mitochondrial genome as they can enter the mitochondrial membrane. Ascorbate cannot enter the brain tissues as it is stopped by the blood brain barrier unlike the DHA who not only can enter the brain through the GLUT transporters but also get transformed back to ascorbate to get the brain functions normal. Thus, DHAs are protect the neuronal tissues from ischemic stroke.
Vitamin C has lower bioavailability than the Ester C, which is also more costly than the vitamin c. While Vitamin C is available in fruits and vegetables Ester C requires a manufacturing process which adds to the cost factor.

High doses of vitamin C are necessary for the maintenance of health. Overdose of vitamin C produce symptoms like diarrhoea. Ester C is not good for patients of chemotherapy.


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