Volkswagen Golf vs GTI

Difference between Volkswagen Golf and GTI Volkswagen produces two very famous family cars which are available in the…

Difference between Volkswagen Golf and GTI

Volkswagen produces two very famous family cars which are available in the market by the name of Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen GTI. These models are the part of the Volkswagen Golf series. Volkswagen is a leading car manufacturer. Golf series is one of their very famous car series. Since 1974, market has seen six generations of the Volkswagen Golf. The cars stand to the reputation of the company. If you are confused about which car you should go for, check out the differences mentioned in the article and decide yourself.

Both Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen GTI are hatchbacks while the former being a standard one whereas the latter is claimed to be high performance hatchback or hot hatchback.  The petrol and diesel models are available of Golf but to date, company has launched only diesel model for GTI. Comparison of the diesel models of both cars shows that GTI has lower mileage around only 31 miles/ gallon whereas Golf is more efficient and making up to 40 per gallon.  GTI is more about style whereas Golf appeals to economical people.

No wonder, the company has called GTI- a hot hatch. What would you call 200 horsepower with its 2000 cc engine then, if not high performance? On the other hand, even with the same capability Golf has been observed to achieve only a maximum of 170.

GTI has improved features such as bigger 18’’ alloy wheels whereas the sizes of alloy wheels in Golf are15” and 17”.  The audio system of latter is said to be excellent but the additional satellite radio of GTI takes the cake. Apart from this, one needs to purchase optional accessories such as hands- free Bluetooth, side mirrors, front seats and heated windshield washer nozzles with Golf but with GTI, these come as standard body parts.

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