Volume vs. Surface Area

Difference Between Volume and Surface Area Area and volume are related to mathematics. They are significant in construction.…

Difference Between Volume and Surface Area

Area and volume are related to mathematics. They are significant in construction. They help in measuring the capacity of a place or a room. A businessman would like to know the volume of his warehouse as he wants to know how much goods can be placed in it. If one wants to get her house painted, he will calculate the area of the walls so that he can purchase the paint and estimate about the total expenditure.

It depends upon the surface area of the inside of a matchbox to estimate the number of matchsticks contained in it. But calculating the amount of a liquid is different. The water tank in the house is installed taking into account the amount of water used by one member in the house daily. We are concerned with the volume of the substance here. Volume of a rectangular room can be calculated by multiplying the area of the room with its height. Volume is always expressed in cubic unit while area is expressed in square unit.

Volume is the space inside an object while is the total of the surface of the object. A cube has six sides. So the area of the cube will be the 6×a×a = 6a2. The area and the volume can be understood by a simple example. Suppose we have to wrap a gift after putting into a box. The amount of paper to wrap the box depends on the total surface area of the box. The space inside the box is the volume of it. The volume and surface area are very useful concepts in our life. We use both of them in various activities. They are not confined in the books only.


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