War vs. Battle

Difference Between War and Battle The battle and war are two notions openly allied and also the most…

Difference Between War and Battle

The battle and war are two notions openly allied and also the most hitch. There are many who can not tell the difference between the two and use them interchangeably even that are an incorrect practice.  The readers will get to clear their doubts as regards the difference between these two terms.

Human civilization has seen many  of wars and battles from the very advent of itself. There have been thousands of wars connecting even more battles. Give you an indication? No? Let us move forward. When a doctor, filled with joy as he reveals a new vaccine developed in the fight against cancer, said it won an imperative battle against this deadly disease, it means that the fight lasts, and the war has yet to be won . A war is a mission that is not over until the goal is accomplished and the battles are pure as interludes that help small goals to advance to the ultimate purpose.

Two world wars come straightforwardly to our minds whenever we speak or think of the war. They were full of great historical events of scale annihilation of property and loss of countless lives, but all the devastation does not occur in a day or a place at a point in time. These World Wars consisted of many battles that were fought between rival countries at different fronts. The battles are important, but they do not comprise full by them. That’s when all the battles are taken from the viewpoint that we comprehend their significance in a war.

When two countries are at war with each other, they are affianced in many battles over a long period of time. Some battles are won by one country while some others are won by the other country. But the war is won by the country that won a clear victory by defeating the other country. If war is a large picture, the battles are like puzzles that are finishing larger pictures. A war is all the battles taken together and the result of a war does not depend on a single battle which is why there is a saying, “You may have won a battle, not war.”

Have you seen a boxing match among two players? It consists of many rounds and the winner is the player who earns more rounds and wins more points in all rounds taken mutually. Here the game could be measured war as the rounds can be considered as the battles. A player might been the winner in all preceding rounds, but if the opponent backwards into the final round, he is declared the winner.




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