Waxing vs. Epilator

Difference Between Waxing and Epilator The removal of hair is a hygiene problem for women and men alike.…

Difference Between Waxing and Epilator

The removal of hair is a hygiene problem for women and men alike. Almost everybody wants to get rid of unnecessary hairs. Among all the numerous available options, waxing and epilator are two of the best choices.

This article will help to differentiate between the two.

Before the epilator was invented waxing was the well known hair removing process. This almost permanently gets rid of the hair from the root by diffusing the skin with a thin wax layer and after putting a cloth on the top, the process is finished by ripping it quickly. Either strip wax or hard wax is used to remove hair in the waxing process. There is thick coating of wax applied so that the strip of cloth is not needed.

Waxing is popular as it can be applied universally and it does not cause continuous pain and also does not cause inflammation.

Epilator is an instrument that is used to remove hair mechanically.  It grasps multiple hairs and pulls them out. Usually electrical the latest inventions that are used for sensitive parts do not need electricity. Unlike waxing, epilator do not remove the epithelial cells thus making it unsuitable for those with sensitive skin as it can cause irritation. But using it convenient as one can take this machine everywhere.

Professionals advise that women should wax first to minimize the pain that epilator can cause. After waxing however regrowth can be countered with an epilator.

Summary ..:

1. Waxing do not cause long-term pain but the epilator is very painful, especially at the beginning of epilation.

2. Waxing do not cause irritation and can be applied to any part of the body, but the epilator is not always suitable for sensitive skin due to irritation.

3. Waxing should be done in a professional salon while epilator is convenient as it can be taken and used anywhere.




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