Waxing Vs Tweezing

Difference Between Waxing And Tweezing To men and other people who donot have much of hair growth, it…

Difference Between Waxing And Tweezing

To men and other people who donot have much of hair growth, it is very difficult to differentiate between waxing and tweezing. Both these are methods of removing hairs in a semi-permanent manner.

Waxing is the method of hair removal that has been in use from ages. All that is done in waxing is the application of a very thin layer on the skin that needs to be waxed, pressing of either a porous sheet of paper or a thick cloth on it and then stripping off of the paper strip or cloth in the direction which is opposite to that of the direction of the hair growth. Waxing can be done by any individual on any part of the body such as armpits, hands, legs etc. Waxing is the preferred procedure of removing excess and large amount of hair as after waxing the hair does not re grow for about a month. This is due to the fact that the waxing causes the removal of the hair follicles too and as a result, the hair that grows is much softer and thinner than the previous hair.

Tweezing is a much later developed method of removing haira that are lesser in number. It is a process in which a forcep like structure is used for the purpose of pulling out the unwanted hair. In this process, however, the hair follicle is not removed and as a result the hair reappears very soon and in a much thicker manner. The tweezing is used for the purpose of removing facial hairs or others that are lesser in number such as chin, eye brows etc. Thus waxing is a better method of permanent removal of numerous hairs rather than taking them out one by one by tweezing.


  1. Waxing is the semi-permanent method of removal of a large quantity of hair while tweezing is the process of removing small quantity of hair.
  2. Waxing is an old method while tweezing is a new method
  3. Waxing is about covering the skin with a thin coat of wax and the pressing it with a paper or a cloth and then stripping the piece. Tweezing is mere pulling of individual hairs with a forcep like object
  4. Waxing removes hair from follicles so hairs reappear after a long time. Tweezing doesnot remove the hair follicle so the hair reappears sooner.
  5. The reappeared hair in case of waxing is softer and thinner while that in case of tweezing is thicker and harder.


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