Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss Though weight Loss and fat Loss are two different terms they…

Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Though weight Loss and fat Loss are two different terms they are used by people as if they are the same

If we begin to classify the components of the human body then we will see that it contains muscles, fat, bone, tissues and water- which takes up 60 % of the body. Body weight is calculated by the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is a calculation that is based on the weight and height of a person.

When weight is getting lost, the water content, muscle and other tissue may be the ones which are getting lost in the process. Sudden weight loss which is caused by diseases like HIV, cancer or high blood sugar is harmful for health. During such conditions the proteins disintegrate and in medical terms this condition is called negative nitrogen balance. In case of a major surgery the body may lose a lot of weight due to loss of tissues.

The tissue which collects fat is the adipose tissues. The consumptions of excessive proteins, the excess energy is stored as fat which cannot be destroyed. When you are dieting the fat gets utilized but the fat cells are still alive. Whenever there will be a high calorie diet the fat cells will be filled. You can remove the fat tissue by seeking liposuction as in this process the amount of fat cells is cut short.

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