Well vs. Good

Difference Between Well and Good It is true that these two words, “Well” and “Good” are quite similar…

Difference Between Well and Good

It is true that these two words, “Well” and “Good” are quite similar but there are huge differences as well.

Well is used as an adverb while the use of the word Good is mainly that of an adjective. Let us have some examples

“You write well.”

‘Alice is a good writer.”

It is pretty obvious that the word ‘well’ is an adverb in the first sentence that describes how the writer writes. The word ‘good’ is an adjective in the second sentence which what type of a writer Alice is.

The word well describes an action. As in the sentence “you write well”, well describes how something is written. However the word ‘good’ always describes a thing as in the sentence, ‘Alice is a good writer”, the word, ‘good’ describes how Alice writes.

Let us consider another example to highlight a peculiar quality of the word well. Let us say there is a baseball game and during the selection process you say “I can play baseball well too”. In this you are probably trying to say that you would like to be selected to play in the team and that you play baseball expertly. Here well expresses your intensions. However this rule is not applied in case of the word good. The word well is sometimes replaced by the word good. As for example, the sentence ‘He writes well’ can be re-written as ‘He writes good.’ However the reverse is not always possible. Though these two words are used in place of each other in some occasions, it must be remembered that these two are not interchangeable terms and the wrong use of these terms may lead to different meaning.


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