West Coast vs. East Coast Swing

Difference Between East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing East coast swing and west coast swing are different…

Difference Between East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing

East coast swing and west coast swing are different types of dances that differentiate among them. Both of them are 6 count dances but they differ from each other in techniques.

Jitterbug is the other word for east coast swing. The origin of swing was mainly from east coast. It would be fascinating to note that east coast swing dance is done on jazz music and big band. On the other hand, west coast is done in a slot. East coast and lindy forms of dancing are modified for west coast swing.

It is assumed that east coast swing gave birth to an 8 count dance said as lindy hop. West coast swing is considered as slower dance than east coast and also it is held to be straight in nature. East coast supports big band and fast rock music while west coast swing is done for slow rock and rhythms and blues music. It also prefers country music sometimes.

It is rather usual that you would come across the combination of both types of dance. Social dancing is a mix of both east coast and west coast dancing. East coast dance is measured as active and contains rocking steps while west coast is very sensual and slow.

Specialists say that it is simple to learn east coast swing and it is recommended for freshers. In short, it is a typical ballroom dance. It is assumed that evolution of west coast dance was from lindy hop. It came into existence at the period of rejection of swing period. Since, lindy hop is different type of dance; it must not be confused with east coast swing or the west coast swing.

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