White Bass vs. Striped Bass

Difference Between White Bass and Striped Bass White bass and Striped bass are two species of fish generally…

Difference Between White Bass and Striped Bass

White bass and Striped bass are two species of fish generally found in fresh water. These are moderate bass family members. Here is their biological classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Perciformes

Family: Moronidae

Genus: Morone

White Bass

White Bass is biologically known as Morone chrysops. It is generally known as Sand bass and it is   state fish of Oklahoma. They eat insects and other water worms instead of algae and othet plants because they are carnivorous. It has silver-white colored horizontal stripeson its body which is   extended up to their tail.

Striped Bass is biologically known as Morone saxatilis while its common names aree rockfish and stripers. Discovered in 1972, these fishes keep wandering in the open waters for their food. It is difficult to find their location and if you are planning to catch this fish then you need to be in group.

Some of the evident differences between these two members of bass family are given here:

  • White bass is bulkier and short while stripe bass is cylindrical and elongated.
  • The stripes on the body of white bass are less visible when compared to the stripes on the body of stripe bass which are broken and incomplete but are clearly visible.
  • White bass has only one tooth patch while stripe bass has two.

Bass fishing competition is a great event for fishing enthusiasts in which they try to catch the largest and heaviest fish irrespective of the fact whether it is white bass or stripe bass.

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