White Gold vs. Yellow Gold

Difference between White Gold and Yellow Gold Any market is known for change. Even the market of jewelries…

Difference between White Gold and Yellow Gold

Any market is known for change. Even the market of jewelries is no exception to that. If you do not know, let’s tell you that if you are looking for gold jewelry, you may be asked to choose between white gold and yellow gold. White gold is white in color whereas yellow gold is yellow in color and that signifies a major difference.   .

Usually, white gold is opted for wedding rings as it is seen as perfect substitute of diamond. It is scratch resistant. The alloys such as palladium and nickel give it white color. The white gold is then, coated with rhodium to provide it that envious shine. As nickel can be dangerous for skin and cause allergies, most of goldsmiths now use manganese.

Yellow gold is the pure original soft form of Gold.  Nowadays, one can find different karats of gold in the market. It is mainly because of the different quantities of different alloys. The 24k gold is 99.99% gold. There is hardly a chance left to mix alloy like zinc or a copper alloy in 24k gold.

Though, when it comes to stand in competition with silver, titanium and platinum, white gold shines apart. It is trendy and harder yet lightweight like yellow gold. It suits the sturdy lifestyle of younger generation. Though, as it’s coated with rhodium, one needs to polish it after its shine wears away. It also contains nickel which can cause allergies to sensitive skin. Yellow gold is pure yet softer so prone to scratches. As it does not contain impurities of nickel, it is comparatively safe to use.


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