Wikipedia vs. Google

Difference Between Wikipedia and Google Wikipedia and Google are two of the very popular websites that many people…

Difference Between Wikipedia and Google

Wikipedia and Google are two of the very popular websites that many people use. Despite being primarily used for the same purpose, there are some basic differences between the two. Google searches and finds the most related sites for the users. On the other hand, Wikipedia is more like an online encyclopedia. It contains information gathered from contributors around the world. Accuracy of the information entered is verified by a strict diet and an army of editors who work as dedicated volunteers who seek vandalism or intentionally wrong information.

Wikipedia stores all the information and images that come into their own database and you would not be able to use it when the Wikipedia server goes down. In comparison, most of the search results that appear on a Google search are of other sites, although some sites do not appear when Google is searched. If for some reason the Google site fails, you can still search for other sites with search engine such as those by other search engines which are not so popular.

Since none of the links that Google displays have the actual content of your server, you have absolutely no control over the content of these sites. Although Google does not have the ability to remove any data in the database, it would mean the elimination of all searches on Google’s site, not the only questionable content. In Wikipedia, they have complete control over the content and can remove any content that doesn’t fit their set of guidelines.

Comparing these two elements of the real world is easy. Google is more like a diary where you can find phone numbers. Wikipedia is more like an encyclopedia to find details on a particular topic..


1. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia while Google is a search engine

2. Entire content of Wikipedia is hosted on servers of Wikipedia while in Google the case is not the same.

3. Google has no control over its content, while Wikipedia content fast sensor.



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