Wikipedia vs. Wikileaks

Difference Between Wikipedia and Wikileaks Wikipedia and Wikileaks are two online sources of knowledge that differ from each…

Difference Between Wikipedia and Wikileaks

Wikipedia and Wikileaks are two online sources of knowledge that differ from each other in terms of ownership, goals, slogans and almost everything they represent .Wikipedia publishes serious themes only. It is designed in such a way that anyone can review the matter available in the online encyclopedia and can add or amend the information.

Wiki leaks, in contrast, publish issues linked with politics, business and the whistle-blowing only. While Wikileaks is owned by Sunshine Press, the Wikipedia is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation.

One can find hundreds of thousands of documents on Wiki leaks. On the other hand, one can find 2.6 million articles in Wikipedia. There is an article for almost every topic under the sun in Wikipedia. The purpose of Wiki leaks is to inform people of the secrets that the governments hide from the general public. On the contrary, the goal of Wikipedia is to disclose general information to the public. This is one of the main differences between the two online books.

Wikileaks is not approved to license the variety of information that it publishes. On the other hand, content in Wikipedia has the license of the Creative Commons Licenses and the GFDL. Wikileaks came into existence in the month of December in the year 2006, whereas Wikipedia came into existence in the year  2001.

The URL for Wikileaks is  and  the URL for  Wikipedia  is

The slogan of the two online sources is also different. Wiki leaks proudly represent ‘we open governments’ as their slogan.  Wikipedia projects a more humble slogan which says ‘ the free encyclopedia that anyone can review. The Wiki leak was founded by Julian Assange. On the other hand, Wikipedia was created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Wikileaks has an anti-war outtlook, while the same for Wikipedia is neutral. These are some major distinctions between the two online sources of knowledge, namely, Wikipedia and Wiki leaks.




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