Wind Power vs. Tidal Power

Difference Between Wind Power and Tidal Power Wind Power and Tide power are two renewable energy sources. The…

Difference Between Wind Power and Tidal Power

Wind Power and Tide power are two renewable energy sources. The difference between the wind power and tidal power is a fascinating and scientists are exploring these two forms of energy to exploit them for the good of humanity. We all know that the rapid depletion of fossil fuels for power generation not only causes a lot of pollution causing global warming, they also dry up at a rapid rate forcing scientists to think about cleaner and sustainable sources of energy. The wind power and tidal power are both constant sources of energy capable of meeting the ever growing needs of energy.

Wind power

Wind power is another form of solar energy. The warmth of sunshine on the top surface of the earth during the time of day and it cools during the night. The hot air is released into the environment taking the place of fresh air and that makes the winds and air currents to be produced. The kinetic energy of wind is operated by using wind generators and produce electricity from them. The power of wind and almost free and all that is needed up turbines, especially near coastal areas where winds are produced huge to generate electricity. Today, many countries use the power of wind to supplement their energy needs. In contrast to solar energy, wind power is constant as it is not dependent on the sun in the night. The time is also not a difference for the production of electricity using wind power as the wind blows constantly if it’s sunny, cold, cloudy or rainy.

Tidal power

Tidal power has been known to mankind since ages. Even in the past, water wheels were used to produce mechanical power to run machinery on farms and homes using the energy of tides. Tidal power is much safer and predictable than wind or solar power. This is another way to harness the power of water, another method known as hydro power generating hydro electricity. There has been much advancement in technology since the power surge was first used in 1960’s and scientists have realized that the power surge has much more potential they have assumed.

Tidal power is a result of relative movements of the earth and moon. The magnetism of the moon causes the vast tides in the ocean at regular intervals and the kinetic energy produced is taken advantage in the generation of power. As the power moon’s gravitational constant, tidal power is virtually constant and boundless.


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