Windows Phone HTC Surround vs. HTC 7 Mozart

Difference Between Windows Phone HTC Surround and HTC 7 Mozart HTC has recently launched 5 new WP7 smart…

Difference Between Windows Phone HTC Surround and HTC 7 Mozart

HTC has recently launched 5 new WP7 smart phones and HTC Surround and HTC Mozart are two of them. Other three are HTC 7 Trophy, HTC 7 Pro and HTC HD7 and each of these phones have some unique features in spite of many similarities.

Before talking about the differences between these two phones let us take a look at the common features of HTC Surround and HTC Mozart.

  • Both run on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 (WP 7) platform.
  • Similar looks like that of the classic HTC smartphone.
  • Same applications.
  • Both have Touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability with a resolution of 480 x 800 WVGA
  • Bright, vibrant and colorful displays.
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 processor
  • Rom of 512 MB
  • Both have camera with 720p HD video recording, built-in scenes including candlelight, landscape, and portrait features.
  • Both have same sensors-Sensor, Digital compass, Proximity sensor  and Ambient light sensor

There are not many other common features between the two but as both of these run on Microsoft WP7 both of these have unique Hub and Tile interface which makes them very easy to operate. You can access the contents with much ease and more quickly. WP7 is integrated with popular applications like Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing and Zune.

Now, while talking about the differences between the two phones, we will consider almost every aspect.

  1. Major attraction: Multimedia features with enhanced audio and visual experience are the major attraction of Surround while great sound quality with integrated SRS WOW HD is the attraction of Mozart. Surround has -out stereo speaker and integrated kickstand to give the great surround sound. Surround has speaker bar and the promised “virtual surround” audio.
  2. Surround is marketed with tagline ‘Pop up cinema, while ‘surround yourself with dynamic sound’ is the tagline of Mozart.
  3. Dimensions and weight: Surround has slider mechanism and its dimensions are: Height 119.7 mm (4.71”) width 61.5 mm (2.42”) thickness 12.97mm (0.51”) and it weighs 5.82 ounces with battery.

Dimensions of Mozart are: Height 119 mm (4.69”) width 60.2 mm (2.37”) thickness 11.9 mm (0.47”) and it weighs 130 gm (4.59 ounces) with battery. Mozart does not have slider mechanism.

  1. Screen size: Screen of Surround is little larger and is of 3.8” while that of Mozart is 3.7”.
  2. Storage capacity: Surrond has storage capacity of 16 GB while that of Mozzart is 8 GB with same RAM of 512 MB while RAM of Surround is 448 MB and that of Mozart is 576 MB.
  3. Camera: Surround has 5 megapixel color camera with resolution of 2592х1944 pixels with auto focus and LED flash while Mozart has 8 megapixel color camera with resolution of 2592х1944 pixels. It has Xenon Flash with auto focus.
  4. Battery: Both have Lithium-ion battery but in case of Surround it is 1230 mAh while in Mozart it is 1300 mAh.  Other features of the battery in Surround areWCDMA Talk time of Up to 250 mins; GSM Talk time of Up to 240 mins and  WCDMA Standby time of Up to 255 hours; GSM Standby time of Up to 275 hours while in case of Mozart the features are include WCDMA Talk time of Up to 330 mins; GSM Talk time of Up to 405 mins WCDMA Standby time of Up to 435 hours; GSM Standby time of Up to 360 hours.

These are some of the major differences between these two phones. HTc surround does not have QWERTY keyboard under the screen but has a slide with a button which can be used for turning on the virtual surround sound mode.  The Integrated Kickstand is for hands free video watching.

Some believe that the sound is loud enough without any kind of distortion but the sound quality may drop when the device is in closed position because of the position of the speakers. You would find that most of the navigation buttons are aligned to portrait orientation while kickstand is in landscape orientation. Navigation in Landscape needs to be improved in WP7 which appears to be a little lousy.

Mozart is a candy bar phone without the slider mechanism. Some users find the brightness of these phones a little higher at the lower setting.

Some of the other important features and applications common to both these phones are:

  1. HTC Hub: This allows you to select applications like sound enhancer, Photo enhancer, Stocks converter etc.

The 3D weather application can make forecasts for your city as well as other cities

Stocks application allows you to define as many as 30 stocks and keep a track of their progress. You can simply rotate the screen to get the full-screen view.

Notes app is for posting and arranging your notes on a bulletin board. To see the list you simply need to turn the board.

  1. This is really a smart phone and understands your requirements. If you want to lower down the ringer volume when you get a call, simply lift it and to put it on silent just flip it.
  2. Flashlight is an application which allows you to turn your phone into LED flashlight which has 3 levels of brightness. It also flashes SOS signals if there is an emergency.
  3. People Hub allows you to get live feeds and pictures from Windows live and Facebook.
  4. Me Card allows you to see and update you status on Facebook and Windows live
  5. Picture Hub allows you to enter photo galleries of your friends on Facebook and Windows Live. You can post and read comments on the pictures.
  6. Bing Search allows you to do your searches with greater efficiency and has additional features like voice search, display of related searches and it also pulls out buried information.
  7. Bind maps help you in finding routes, gives satellite images, street maps, 3D landmarks, helps in finding your location and various other advanced features.
  8. Quick Launch allows you to pin your favorite applications, create shortcuts to them, pin important contacts, songs etc so that you can access them on just one tap.
  9. There are hundreds of games available for you to play.
  10. Xbox Live allows y to play your favorite games with your friends just like you are doing it when they are physically with you. You can compare scores and earn points.
  11. WP7 allows you to check your emails very easily and reply to them with the help of the on screen key board.
  12. Camera is very responsive and it allows you take quick picture even if the phone is locked. You can directly upload your pictures on Facebook.
  13. You can easily browse internet and download your favorite music, songs, movies and videos with the help of Zune PC.
  14. Add effects to your pictures with Photo enhancer.
  15. Sound enhancer enhances the sound effects and enhances the experience of listening to music.
  16. If you want to use your phone for your work then you can make use of applications like Microsoft Exchange, Office documents, VPN access and syncing with Microsoft Outlook on a desktop PC.

You can edit and manage your data with Office Hub, access documents with quick view and organize your notes, pictures etc with OneNote.

HTC trophy has been tagged as clock up more game time, HTC HD7 as Monster entertainment and HTC Pro as whiz through your day.


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