Winter Olympics Vs Summer Olympics – The Difference Between

By nature, people are very competitive. One of the best displays for such a characteristic is through the…

By nature, people are very competitive. One of the best displays for such a characteristic is through the Olympics. Rain or shine, cold or warm, individuals from all around the corner of the globe will flock in to the assigned country just to participate by contending for the gold medal or simply witness the momentous event every four years and give support to their nation’s representative.  In the end, both winter and summer Olympics are not events to determine who is the best rather ways to enhance the bond between various nationalities and culture.

Main Distinguishing Characteristics

It is very apparent at which season both Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics are held. Every other four years, people will get together to take part first on the coldest of seasons which was originally started the year of 1924 in France where sports that involved ice or snow are held. On the other hand, Summer Olympics are more for sports held on fields under the beating sun. International Olympic Committee introduced this competition earlier in 1904. Both will award gold, silver and bronze to the highest contenders determined in the conclusion of the event.

The Main Location

As the element of season is included, Winter Olympics is a bit pickier to the host country. Therefore, the frequent holders for the event are those in the North American region, European countries and some Asian nations like Japan. Summer Olympics has the opportunity to roam around freely across the globe as the sun touches most lands. The rich history of Summer Olympics includes 205 competing nations which equal to at least 10,000 athletic individuals in 300 contests. Those countries that have hosted the Winter Olympics had the opportunity to host the Summer Olympics as well along with China and Mexico.

The Main Event

Obviously, the involved sports competition would differ from Winter Olympics to that of Summer Olympics. Winter Olympics will happen on snowy ground where skating, skiing, hockey and other such sports are perfect for. As for Summer Olympics, participants get to enjoy the popular physical sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball and boxing but archery, cricket, fencing and gymnastics are also included. These are just examples of the many exciting events that you can get involved with or support by viewing.

The Final Round

These two Olympic Games are barely appropriate for comparison as they are sister events that harmoniously co-exist to provide people from different regions of the world to be active in some healthy competition.

  • Both Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics are held on the same year but on different seasons that provide different weather and environment conditions.
  • Because Winter Olympics involve a rarer weather condition, countries that host it are lesser as compared to Summer Olympics where all is needed is the warmth of the sun to get the ball rolling.
  • Likewise, Winter Olympics also have exclusive game events that are suitable for the snow or ice while Summer Olympics has an extensive range.
  • Due to these set of factors, Summer Olympics are able to attract more individuals to witness the event that happens only once every four years.
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