Wizard vs Warlock

The difference between Wizard and Warlock As what most of us know, especially those who are fun of…

The difference between Wizard and Warlock

As what most of us know, especially those who are fun of playing those magical fantasy games and seeing movies as well, a wizard and a warlock are both males that are spell casters. They primarily use magic in dealing with their mythical quests. There are also other terms that are related, which are namely Magician or Mage, Sorcerer, etc. But whatever terms it maybe, it mainly describes them as the male version of a witch. Even though they are quite similar, they do have differences of which we are going to tackle.


The term wizard is coined from the word “wyzard” which meant “wise”. Wizards are believed to be the good guys who use magic to protect their race and also help other people. They were also advisers of their communities. We mostly picture them out as the ones who cast spells from those written on their enormous old books. But this of course depends on the mythology, culture, and beliefs including folklore.


On the other hand, warlocks are said to be the evil mages in the society. They’re name is an old English word which means “Traitor”, or “Deceiver”. They are the ones who practice witchcraft and tend to do anything just to fulfil what they want. Although they practice those mentioned, they tend to be of more power compared to wizards. They study complex spells that are very far of what wizards learn making them a lot more advanced.

In the early times, Warlocks are the ones who are said to be burned, hence, the witches back then.

Brief Summary:

-Wizards are known to be wise and an ally of the society while, Warlocks are the traitors.

-Wizards practice their profession for the good of the good. Warlocks on the other hand have no morals. Basically the difference between the two are the camps of good and evil.

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