WordPress vs Blogspot

The difference between WordPress and Blogspot One trend that people are used to nowadays is Blogging. Some people…

The difference between WordPress and Blogspot

One trend that people are used to nowadays is Blogging. Some people just do it for fun, while some take it seriously. Now, WordPress and Blogspot both enable you to blog but there are a few differences that make them a lot different from one another.


WordPress is a free stand-alone application that can be installed on basically any server. It has been built and maintained by a group of volunteers worldwide. Although it is free, there are some features that can only be accessed when you subscribe for a premium account meaning, you’ll need to pay for it to be functional. With regards to Javascript, it is not permitted in WordPress blogs. With blogging, you can share or spread what you might propose through a large audience which is basically, the world. Anyone can view your WordPress blogs as long as they have access to the internet. One good thing about WordPress is that, your posts are protected with passwords enable you to limit those who can view or make changes to your posts.


Unlike WordPress, Blogspot cannot be installed on any server for it is owned by a company called Google, meaning you have to run it through their servers. But what’s great about it is that, it is totally free! Google just posts ads into your blog making it fair enough. Google adsense is also offered wherein you can earn through blogging. This is when, your viewers click on an ad which is posted on your blog and with that, you earn cash. Third party scripts can be included in Blogspot but they do not provide it, making it more interactive. Same as to WordPress, a large audience is there to view your blogs but with Blogspot, your viewers are limited because they can only view it if they have an account. Posts however are not protected with passwords.

Brief Summary:

-WordPress can be installed on any server while, Blogspot which is owned by google runs on their own servers.

-Blogspot is totally free compared to WordPress wherein you need to pay to use all the features of a premium user.

-Both gives you the chance to show your blogs on a large audience but in Blogspot, the viewers of your blogs need to have an account as well while, in WordPress, everyone can view it.

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