Worse vs. Worst

Difference Between Worse and Worst Worst and worse are adjectives and it mean bad. These are degree of…

Difference Between Worse and Worst

Worst and worse are adjectives and it mean bad. These are degree of adjectives. The words must be used carefully as, they could be used wrong if you do not know they mean.


The word ‘Worse’ can be used as an adjective, adverb and a noun. As adjective it means lower in another quality (ex. donkey is worse than the horse). The word is comparative degree of an adverb and adjective. While as noun, it means that it is low in the standard or quality.


‘Worst’ is commonly used as the adjective in the superlative of bad or sick. It mean lower as the condition, quality or effect. Others feel the worst are the worst or severe and less satisfactory (ex. The cafeteria is the worst part). It can be used as a name, more or less than the thing or person. In addition, it can also be used as a verb.

The difference between Worst and Worse

The worst word is never used as a verb while the worst may be used as a verb meaning “to overcome thoroughly.” These can be used as adjectives in the degree, but used differently. Worse is comparative degree of adjective. Comparative adjectives highlight differences or two places. For example, “Tomato is worse than potato,” or “Crayon is worse than a ball pen.” The worst is the superlative degree is the highest degree or level of extreme quality. These are used to compare more than two things, people or descriptions. For example, “Broccoli is the worst,” or “This review is the worst ever.”

The use of worse and the worst should be carefully analyzed. This way you will not make grammatical errors in constructing sentences. You must read the definitions of these words carefully, so you can use them correctly


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