Xbox 360 Pro vs. Xbox 360 Elite

Difference Between Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite These two gaming consoles are products of Microsoft. When…

Difference Between Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite

These two gaming consoles are products of Microsoft. When these games first hit the market, they made a big impression on many people, both young and old. Not too many households were without some version of the Xbox, whether it was the Pro version or the Elite version. Because of the high cost of these two consoles, many households could not afford to purchase one right away. This is where true friendship begins to form, as next-door neighbors wanted a chance to not only view, but also play the new Xbox pro. However, Xbox 360 has been around for a very long time and it continues to dominant the gaming community.

The most wonderful part about owning any of Microsoft’s system is that all of their gaming consoles play DVD’s, and CD’s. Users can even share media between the gaming console and their computer. Of all the models, that Microsoft manufactures the 360 Pro and the Elite are among the most popular devices.  For instance, the greatest between these two models is definitely the price, and the amount of storage each hard drive can hold. The price of the Elite is about $450 and the Pro is around $350. The pro has 20GB of hard drive space availability whereas the Elite have 120BG.

If space is not necessary, but price is then the Pro is definitely the better choice. If space is a necessity and price is optional then by all means, go for the Elite. The pro model has the HD cable hook up only, but the Elite have both the HE and the HDMI cables. This is important for players who want to use the video capabilities. The Xbox Elite is available in black and the Pro is available in White, they both come with a pair of wireless headsets and an Ethernet cable.


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