XD vs. XDM Polymer Handheld Pistols

Difference Between XD and XDM Polymer Handheld Pistols XDM and XD are two types of polymer handheld pistols…

Difference Between XD and XDM Polymer Handheld Pistols

XDM and XD are two types of polymer handheld pistols as per the Springfield Armory. These guns seem basically the same and it is difficult to repeat that which is by someone not very familiar with them. It is of great help to know the difference between the two.

XD Pistol

XD is a hand held semi-automatic the gun. Like most of the semi-automatic rifles, it uses magazine found inside the capture of hands. XD means the duty and extreme variations including compact, service, tactics and XDM. Due to the change the first version of XD has improved with time. Trivia: This type of rifle is first party in Croatia and is a standard part of the armory of their military.

XDM Polymer Pistol

As mentioned earlier, XDM is a variation of the gun XD. This comes in .40 S& W caliber and 9 MM. As per Springfield Armory, this gun is more accurate and is best at target shooting. Its structure has the best texture, and can have better control with this arm as well as better decision. To add comfort, it also has an additional feature where you can customize the size of grip as per convenience.

Difference between XDM and XD Polymer Handheld Pistol

Both are semi automatic but the difference is that the XD is a broader hand guns. XD is around in quite a while many deviations of this has came around; XDM is latest version of XD. The XD cost less compared to XDM. XD can be exact, yet many say XDM is much precise. XDM has a negligible reset trigger which users view as best for the next shots.

For people who do have little information about guns has needs to consider only a few things to distinguish the two; XDM is another variation of XD. There are some common things in both guns; it is only that XDM has more features coming with it.


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