Xylem vs. Phloem

Difference Between Xylem and Phloem Phloem and xylem are two types of plant vascular tissues. Both of them…

Difference Between Xylem and Phloem

Phloem and xylem are two types of plant vascular tissues. Both of them have functions of primarily transport motivated by foods which plants need for support. They differ in what nutrient food systems they carry around the plant as well as other factors allow us to discover if what they are.


Xylem is usually defined as a tubular structure that is fully delegated to carry water to various parts of the plant and the water supply comes entirely from the roots. Water and minerals are transported by the xylem. During maturity, they are not living tissues. Xylem is composed of following: the tracheids, vessels and fibers and xylem parenchyma.


Phloem is usually also defined as a tubular structure that carries food and nutrients for various parts of the plant. These are necessary for the plant to survive. Food and water are mostly carried by that phloem. Phloems are living and soft-walled cell and are pushing organic food to the plant. Their main function is the transportation of food.

The difference between xylem and phloem

Xylem carries water transport from roots to different parts of the plant phloem transports food and nutrients for the plant to survive. Considering that vascular tissues xylem is not living already in the maturity is a phloem vascular tissue which is living in the wild. Xylem is complex and is permanent tissue, phloem lives and is also known to be complex and ongoing. Xylem is the vascular tissues which are hard-walled; phloem is the vascular tissue which is soft-walled. Xylem transports food minerals phloem transports mainly organic.

So both are vascular tissue, but when it comes to their purpose, they carry food and appearance; they differ in many ways a non-perceptive mind would not be able to know.


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