Yahoo Mail vs. Gmail

Difference Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail Yahoo and Gmail are most popular e-mail services. The service providers are…

Difference Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Yahoo and Gmail are most popular e-mail services. The service providers are critical of e-mail Yahoo, Google, Hotmail and MSN. The e-mail or Email is the most successful product of the Internet. E-mail is method to send and receive digital messages via the Internet from multiple or single users. Initially it was use to exchange text messages, but today digital files of any type such as paints, video or anything under the size allowed can be attached and sent by e-mail. Earlier, it was used by government agencies and large companies like IBM for their purposes. But with the popularity increases Internet, E-mail developed as a predictable instrument among Internet users.

Today almost every internet massive offer free email service prices over the Internet. The fact is most of them grew large e-mail services offer.

Yahoo mail

Yahoo is a Web portal based in California, USA offering different services on the Internet such as Web search, Web hosting, e-mail, Instant Messenger, E-Commerce, networking, social and so on. Yahoo was founded by David Filoand Jerry Yang, graduate students at Stanford, January 1994. Web mail services were started by Yahoo under the name of Yahoo Mail October 8, 1997, with Linux at the end of the server. Yahoo began offering unlimited storage to users in 2008 to cop up with the strict competition in the segment as a provider of free e-mail. Currently, two versions of Yahoo Mail are online, it is the first version of Ajax interface that the company has adopted to Oddpost in 2004 and the last, the interface of Yahoo Mail Classic with which the company began.


Google is a giant web, in Mountain View, U.S.(California). Internet research, the cloud computing technologies and advertising are the areas which the company concerned. The company founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to generate income especially masterpiece Google, Ad Word program. Google has entered the segment Webmail 1st April, 2004 by the name of Gmail. Gmail interface is supported by advertising that works in tune with the program Google Ad Sense of. Gmail was the first webmail to use Ajax Programming technology for its research-oriented interface.


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