Yin vs. Yang

Difference Between Yin And Yang The Yin corresponds to the black part of the Taiji with a small…

Difference Between Yin And Yang

The Yin corresponds to the black part of the Taiji with a small white dot inside. At a symbolic level, the Yin represents dark and less active part of life. According to ancient Chinese philosophical views, the Yin is tied to the idea of ​​night, darkness and the moon. In addition, the Yin refers to feminine aspects the personality of individuals and the universe. All introversion in general is related to passivity and death. Yin is not fully represented in black, but with a white dot. Nothing is completely White or black, but at the level of categorization the facts which the world must keep in mind is that everything is a complementary to its opposite. With regard to the Yin, It would be impossible to define the night if we had not in our mind the concept of the day. Dark and negative part of human being cannot be denied or disregarded as well as white and positive aspects. According to the Chinese medicine total dominance of one over the other without the continual fluctuation between the two, is due to disease.

The Yang corresponds to the white part of the Taiji with a small black dot inside. At a symbolic level, the Yang represents the day, the activity and extraversion. In addition, the Yang symbolizes male and refers to the vital positive vital aspects in general. The principle of Yang would not give sense without that the Yin. In fact these are complementary to each other. The theory of Yin and Yang is very ancient in Chinese philosophy and is the basis of the operation and equilibrium in the universe. This beginning was in a state called Wu Chi, which literally means “absence of differentiation” no poles.


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