Zonal Vs. Seed Geraniums

Difference Between Zonal And Seed Geraniums Whenever people hear about seed and zonal geraniums, the first thought that…

Difference Between Zonal And Seed Geraniums

Whenever people hear about seed and zonal geraniums, the first thought that occurs to their mind is that there is either a difference in the quality or the ease of growth between the two varieties.

Basically the variety of geranium that that is grown by an individual depends on the individual’s own choice. The main difference between the two types of geraniums is their mode of origin, life span and regeneration

Seed geraniums grow from simple see, are annual in nature and also bear seeds so to give rise to the next generation in the next year.

Zonal geraniums on the other hand are grown by cutting rom the geraniums of the previous generation. Since they are artificially vegetatively produced, they do not have seed. However they start regenerating at the end of each season. This happens only if proper care is taken of it.

The flowers are small and clustered in the case of seed geraniums and they are completely absent in the other variety, Even the leaves of the seed geranium are smaller than the other variety. As the result of the same, one who wants smaller plants for his gardens should always opt for seed geranium. Zonal ones are preferred by those who want to have beautiful bushy outlines of their gardens. This is due to the fact that they can be as tall as 1.5 feet in comparison with the seed variety that can have a maximum height of 1 feet. Moreover the zonal ones can bloom at double the rate of the seed variety.

Zonal varieties have a much faster growth rate as compared to the seed varieties as they grow from the cutting of parent’s plant. As a result zonal geraniums are much more preferred to be kept in their gardens.

However if the price is an issue, then one should go for seed variety as it is much cheaper than the zonal variety.


  1. Seed geraniums grow from seeds while zonal ones grow from the cutting of the parent plants.
  2. Seed varieties have small clustered flowers while the other variety doesnot have any flowers
  3. Seed geraniums are cheaper than the zonal variety.
  4. Zonal geraniums are taller than seed varieties.


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