Zoo vs. Sanctuary

Difference Between Zoo and Sanctuary Zoo and Sanctuary are two shelters for animals and birds. There are a…

Difference Between Zoo and Sanctuary

Zoo and Sanctuary are two shelters for animals and birds. There are a lot of differences between a zoo and a sanctuary with respect to their environmental surroundings, climatic conditions and the likes. Both places can be well described as safe haven for animals and birds.

The foremost dissimilarity between a zoo and a sanctuary is the zoo is man-made. Zoo is created as an artificial habitat for animals and birds. It can be best described as a picnic spot because the main intention of man behind creating a zoo is to make the visitors watch the birds and animals. It falls under the category of tourism.

At the same time, Sanctuary is not man-made. It is created by nature or naturally as the residence for birds and animals. In other words, sanctuary can be described as a creation of birds and animals for their own safety.

The animals and birds in a zoo are captured in cages or they live behind the bars. But in sanctuary, they are not captured. They roam and fly freely in a sanctuary which is why a sanctuary is considered as the original place of living for birds and animals.

The important thing is that the animals and birds in the zoo are visited by the people and onlookers without any restriction. People don’t need to ask for permission for entering a zoo but while entering a sanctuary you need to take special permission from the forest officer. You cannot roam freely in a sanctuary because the animals and birds move freely in a sanctuary and it can result in an animal attack.

In a zoo, due to capturing of animals and birds in cages they cannot roam or fly freely but they are provided a sanctuary type environment around them but they can move freely in a sanctuary.

A zoo can be considered as commercial projects for a nation as it attracts tourists. Because of this, the animals and birds are properly bred in zoos. At the same time, animals and birds are not properly bred and taken care in the sanctuary. But, the birds and animals take care of themselves in a sanctuary.

There are no restrictions in a zoo for public to enter and watch the animals and birds. But, there is a plenty of restrictions for people to enter a sanctuary. If a person has some genuine reason for visiting a sanctuary, then he is allowed up to a certain limit by the officials with some restrictions.


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