Zune vs. Zune HD

Difference Between Zune and Zune HD Zune and Zune HD are two portable music players of two generations.…

Difference Between Zune and Zune HD

Zune and Zune HD are two portable music players of two generations. Zune is the first generation portable music player from Microsoft while Zune HD is the fourth generation music player which is more advanced has many added features.


  • Zune was launched in 2006 while Zune HD is 2009.
  • Zune measures 2.4X0.6X4.4 inches while Zune HD is smaller and measures 2.1X0.4X4 inches.
  • Zune pad with user interface is removed in Zune HD and this makes the screen of Zune HD (3.3”) bigger than Zune (3.2”).
  • Zune weighed 5.6Oz while Zune HD weighs2.6Oz and is much lighter.
  • Capacity of Zune was 30 GB while that of Zune HD is 64 GB.
  • Screen resolution of Zune was 320X240pixels which is improved in Zune HD which has screen resolution of 480X272pixels.
  • Battery life of Zune was 14 hours while that of Zune HD is 33 hours.
  • Zune had Zune pad while Zune HD has a touch screen.
  • Zune played ordinary videos while Zune HD plays High definition videos.

Zune became popular because of the great music player, great playback facility, the facility to play MP3, radio and videos. This also works as great gaming device. These features make it a complete entertainment platform. Zune HD has some added features and looks sleeker and slimmer than Zune. It has OLED capacitive touch screen, video output that is HD, and even a radio that is HD and does not have flash memory which has made it lose weight and look better.


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