4G vs. 5G Networks

Difference Between 4G and 5G Networks

The 4G and 5G wireless access mobile technologies both offer Ethernet speeds on mobile devices for them to enjoy the triply services. The 4G is currently deployed in several countries including North America and Europe. 5G is merely a concept, only LTE and WiMAX are two distinct technologies set to achieve 4G speeds, which are definitely defined.

5G (Fifth Generation Networks)

5G is not on board as of yet. It is not set to be released until sometime in the near future probably in 2012 or 2013. Everyone wants networks that can deliver high speed. The networks that uses above standard approaches of the 4G series can be found in 3GPP, WiMAX, Forum or ITU-R. the 5G model has every intention of accommodating the shortcomings which can be found in the 4G model. The speed of the 5G model is said to be triple that of the Ethernet Gigabit technology. However, this technology will not be ready for use until 2015 at the latest.

4G (Fourth Generation Networks)

As of now 4G is the highest speed that delivers data and communication. It is equal to that of LAN or Ethernet, which connects itself to mobile devices. It is compatible with devices that use tablets, laptops and Smart phones. This Generation of mobile handsets can run Skype, YouTube, IP TV applications and Video on demand programs. It allow users to make voice over internet calls and to subscribe to local calling numbers without having to be a resident of that state or country. Example, a person can live in California and obtain a Toronto telephone number. 4G is a awesome technology that only seems to get better. It even supports video conferencing, video meetings, and IP calling. Although, 4G is available in some states, it is still developing in other states.


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