Windows 7 Home Basic vs Windows 7 Home Premium

The difference between Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium The most recent operating system of…

The difference between Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium

The most recent operating system of Windows is the Windows 7. There are two selections on this system in order for those budget conscious costumers to fit in. These are namely the Home Basic and the Home Premium.

Upon reading these two terms, we can immediately tell which is best. Premium being superior really has more capabilities compared to the Home Basic but is of course more expensive. But then again, this is not just the case, there are more to know.

Windows 7 Home Basic

The home basic is only available to those countries that have newly sprouted markets wherein the budget is really a concern. Developed countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany have restrictions on the Home Basic which means, if you live in the said countries, you cannot access the Windows 7 Home Basic. In addition to that, there are certain limitations of that of the Home Basic, one of these is its support for Aero wherein it is only partial compared to the Home Premium where it gives its support completely. Aero is the well-known glasslike user interface that was first introduced by Windows Vista. Also, the Home Basic does not cover the Windows Media Center. Although you can experience what the Media Center offers by installing different software such as the Windows Media player or any other player and the photo viewer as well.

Windows 7 Home Premium

In terms of availability, the Home Premium is available in all countries. It would just depend on the user’s budget of course. Now, talking more about the Windows Media Center, it really showcases the user’s needs with regards to Entertainment. It enables you to watch Television online and even record it if you please, just like a DVR. The Media Center accommodates its users to browsing of Photo Albums, watching movies, and even listening to music.

Brief Summary:

-The Windows Home Basic is available only on certain countries unlike the Home Premium that is available in all countries.

-Obviously, the Home Basic costs less compared to the Home Premium.

-Home Basic only supports Aero partially while the Home Premium supports it completely.

-Creating and joining a home network cannot happen on the Home Basic but with the Home Premium it would just be simply a choice.

-You would need to install different types of software to complete your needs regarding entertainment on the Home Basic while with the Home Premium, you would not worry about that because includes the Windows Media Center in the package.

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