Abstract vs. Summary

Difference Between Abstract and Summary

Abstract and summary are two words that are commonly used in thesis and research papers. You can also hear these words when we talk about essays and chapters.  If you think that these are similar words then you must know that abstract is talking about any detailed concept in a nutshell while summary is simply short form of that entire subject.

Abstract is of the entire chapter while summary can be of any of the parts of the chapter. For example if we want to say that write the summary of scene two of the play then we will write the scene in short form without missing the core elements. Abstract can be of the entire chapter being talked about and here we will talk about the gist.

Abstract is usually submitted before beginning research or speaking at a seminar because the organizing authorities of the conferences and seminars have to publish the minutes in advance. Abstract also gives an idea of the subject and direction of research. Abstract also tells about the inclination of the author’s mind on that particular topic.  Summary gives you an overall idea of the entire concept or simply said it is the representation of a long concept in short form.



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