Adjective Vs. Adverb

Difference Between Adjective And  Adverb

Among the eight parts of speech adverbs and adjectives play a crucial role in the formation of grammar. An adjective is one part of speech that qualifies a noun or a pronoun whereas an adverb describes  a verb, adjective or other adverbs. An adjective may not always necessarily come before a noun or a pronoun like”The petals of that flower are red”. Here red is the adjective describing the noun.

One point of difference between an adjective and an adverb is that an adverb answers many questions like “The baby cried loudly last night”.” An adjective answers what kind like “I saw a beautiful girl”. Here “beautiful” is the adjective whereas an adverb answers a few more questions like how, when, where, and how much. For example the baby cried loudly, here the adverb answers “how”. An adverb normally ends in “ly”, but exceptional cases are there where “ly “forms the adjective like friendly, early to name a few. An adjective has three forms of expression and they are positive, comparative and superlative degrees. For example: cold, colder, and coldest.

An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun like ”the boys have worked all day and are tired”. Here “tired” tell us more about the pronoun ‘the’. Again an adverb tells us more about the adjective .For example “That girl is extremely beautiful”. Here beautiful is an adjective that modifies the noun ‘girl’ whereas the adverb ‘extremely’ modifies the adjective ‘beautiful’.

Classifications of adjectives: (a) Adjective of quality: For example, Mumbai is a big city.(b) Adjective of number like “We have two kidneys.”(c)Adjective of quantity:

I ate some snacks.(d)Demonstrative adjective: For example, These apples are sweet. (e)Interrogative adjective like “Which way shall we go? “An adverb is classified into some of the categories given below: Adverb of time, “He came early”. (b) Adverb of frequency like” I have requested him thrice”.(c)Adverb of place like” Come in” (d)Adverb of manner ;For example “The boy speaks softly”.(e)Adverb of degree like “I am so happy.”(F) Adverb of affirmation and negation; for example “He certainly went but he is unknown to me”. (g) Adverb of reason: e.g. “He therefore left college.” (h)Interrogative adverb like “Where is Smith “.(I)Relative adverb:e.g “This is the reason why I dislike him.”

So both parts of speech are different in their usages and types. Primary point of difference is that an adjective describes something about a noun whereas an adverb defines a verb.


1. An adjective describes and qualifies a noun or a pronoun whereas an adverb describes a verb or an adjective.

2. An Adjective modifies a noun whereas an adverb qualifies a verb or an adjective.

3. Adjective often comes before a noun or a pronoun.



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