All Right vs. Alright

Difference Between All Right and Alright

All right and alright are two words that carry the same meaning. Both of them mean “OK” or “very well” and are used during writing. The words are used to understand the person whom you are talking to in a better way.

‘All right’ can be used both as an adverb as well as an adjective. The adverb form means very well and the adjective form denotes satisfactory. It is best used in formal writing as its format is direct to the point and the reader will be able to understand the point without getting confused by other remarks. ‘His medical condition is all right, explains the statement.  However, “all right “can be used in informal writing also.

“Alright” is used just as an adverb meaning very well in informal conversations as in social networking, chat rooms and SMS. Whoever make use of this term do not know that it is a misspelled word and it is not a term that is widely accepted. When people use it in a Microsoft word document, the word is not highlighted as a wrongly spelt term.

ü  ‘All right,’ is two words and ‘alright is just a single word.

ü  As far as writing is concerned, ‘all right,’ is used in formal and informal writing however ‘alright,’ can only be used in informal writing.

ü  ‘All right,’ can either be an adverb or be an adjective but ‘alright,’ can only be the adverb.

ü  ‘All right,’ has a serious tone and formal however ‘alright,’ is very casual and personal in nature.

They spell differently but both of them are correct. They are different at the basis of how they are being used. But they have the same meaning.

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