Amber vs. Red

Difference Between Amber and Red

In the RGB color model you would find red and amber colors. Amber has got its name from a fossilized tree resin material known as Amber. These are two different colors and one should not be confused among them. These are two colors out of the other eye colors including blue, gray, hazel, brown, and green.

Here are some of the differences between these two colors:

  1. Coordinates of Amber in the RGB color model are 255, 126, 0 while that of red are 255, 0, 0.
  2. Hex code of Amber is #FF7E00 while that of Red is #FF0000.
  3. Amber is a mixture of yellow and orange while red is a primary color.
  4. Amber is believed to symbolize presence of God and is known to bring luck while red is known to be a symbol of war, anger, temper and it can also mean love.
  5. In Bible amber symbolizes presence of God while red symbolizes blood, temptation, war and revenge.
  6. Amber eye color that is caused because of degradation of yellow pigment in the iris causes, lipochrome while red eye color means that the person is suffering from albinism.


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