Ammonia vs. Bleach – The Difference Between

What is the difference between ammonia and bleach?

Ammonia and bleach are both cheap and effective cleaners. They are not the same, but few people really know the differences between them. Most expensive cleaners use either ammonia or bleach, so this will tell you that they are different chemicals. Both must be diluted with water in order to use safely, but it is important that you know the difference between them.


On the periodic table of elements, ammonia is known as NH3. This means that it contains 1 atom of nitrogen and 3 atoms of hydrogen. In industry, ammonia can be produced by forcefully combining these four atoms, but it does exist in its natural state in the environment. It is formed when organic material decomposes.

Ammonia can be used to clean any surface without harming the color of the surface. In everyday use, it is one of the best cleaners you can use for tiles and hard surfaces.


Bleach is a very common cleaner used to take stains off fabrics and can even be used on dishes. You must dilute bleach in order to use it because it can burn the skin. Oxidizing bleach is often used to lighten the colors of clothing and fabrics. It does this by breaking down the chemical bonds that form the color. You can make your own bleach by combining chlorine, caustic soda and water. Because of its ingredients and strength, it is commonly used as a disinfectant.


  • Ammonia and bleach are inexpensive cleaners to use in the home, especially on surfaces and items that are hard to clean.
  • They must be diluted in water before you can use them safely.
  • You cannot mix the two together because the combination produces an odor that is highly toxic.
  • Bleach can be used on white fabrics, but you must be careful with colored fabrics because it will take out or lighten the color.
  • Ammonia does not affect the color of any item.
  • Ammonia is made up of 1 atom of nitrogen and 3 atoms of hydrogen.
  • Ammonia can exist in nature.
  • Bleach is made from chlorine, caustic soda and water.