Asteroid vs. Meteoroid

Difference Between Asteroid and Meteoroid

Asteroids and comets are remnants of our solar system that came into existence more than 4 billion years ago. These heavenly bodies have played a significant role in many basic processes shaping our planet.  An asteroid is large rocky substance which orbits around the Sun. On the other hand, meteoroids are smaller particles. When a meteoroid enters atmosphere of the earth and when it vaporizes, it becomes a meteor or a shooting star. If they survive after reentry, it will land upon the earth’s surface or in the ocean. It is called a meteorite.

Debris is the source of information about the meteoroids. When a comet’s icy nuclei passes near the sun, it produces meteoroid releasing dust particles. These particles remain orbiting like their parent comets. When asteroids collide with each other, meteoroids form and strike the earth’s surface. As these meteoroids are available, scientists can estimate about their composition.

Asteroids are small bodies orbiting around the sun. They are often called planetoid. A meteoroid is formed as a result of collision between the asteroids. Meteoroid is the small pebble which orbits round the sun. It becomes a meteor when it hits atmosphere of the earth. It strikes the surface of the earth when it is not destroyed and is called a meteorite.

The main difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid is regarding their size. Asteroid may be as large as a moon. On the other hand, a meteoroid is a small pebble having the same physical as well as chemical qualities.


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