Babysitters vs. Nannies – The Difference Between

What is the difference between babysitters and nannies

The role of babysitters and nannies is the same – they both look after children. One is a more permanent than the other and entails more duties and responsibilities.

What does a babysitter do?

Being a babysitter is more of an odd job. This is a person that you call when you need to go out for an evening or a few hours and have someone come into the house to watch the children. A babysitter is therefore a temporary job and focuses more on safety. A babysitter is only hired when there is a need and it is not regular. A babysitter is paid by the hour and knows how many hours of work are involved.

What does a nanny do?

The position of a nanny is a more permanent one. She looks after the children, but doesn’t have a set schedule. She can work every day of the week. She can also work with the children when the parents are at home. In order to obtain a position as a nanny you do need to be qualified and have First Aid Training. A nanny is paid a monthly salary and it is possible that a nanny can live in the home of the employer.

The duties of a babysitter and a nanny are both concerned with the safety and well-being of the children.


  1. A babysitting job is a temporary job that has a regular schedule. He/She is only hired when the parents need someone to look after the children and is concerned with the safety of the children.
  2. A nanny is a permanent job and the nanny usually lives in the same home as the children. There are no set hours of work and the pay is on a monthly basis.