Bollywood vs. Hollywood

What is the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood?

Everyone is well aware of Hollywood as a location in California that is synonymous with the movie industry. Bollywood is not a word that is used very much outside of India, where both words are used a lot. Bollywood refers to the Indian movie industry and is a take on the American movie scene. Hollywood is the original word and is formal, whereas Bollywood is more informal.

The Hini movie industry is largely centered in the city of Mumbai in India’s Maharashtra. Although some may think it refers to all movies and films that are produced in India, but this is not the case. It refers to only one part of that industry.

Hollywood, on the other hand, is the name synonymous with movies, films and movie stars. It is the American film industry and is actually the name of a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. It is a cultural center of the city and the state and is where you will find the movie studios.

The reason that the Hindi film industry has been given the name Bollywood is that some of the dialogue in the movies is spoken in English – not all of it, just some. It is also a combination of the two words Hollywood and Mumbai. The difference is that Hollywood is an actual place, but Bollywood is not. The terms came into existence in the 1970’s when India replaced the US as the world’s largest producer of movies.

Even though Hollywood is an actual place, it does not have its own government. The Mayor is the chief official of a total population of just over 100,000. In physical size, Hollywood occupies about 25 square miles.

Experts believe that there are many reasons for the explosion of Bollywood. They claim that the influences came from Sanskrit drama, Ramayana and Mahabharata (ancient Indian epics), the Parsi theater, the traditional Indian folk theater and of course, Hollywood itself. It is not an exaggeration that Bollywood has had an influence on the movies and music of the western world. In fact some of yhe Bollywood films have inspired some of the music in the US and Europe.



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    Bollywood is so much better! I know that they are copying, but Hollywood only has got kissing and ::: scenes… so hands down Hollywood-fans!!!