Book vs. Novel

Difference between Book and Novel

Book and Novel are different things. All the novels are books while all books are not novels. Actually, novel is a genre of writing. Book is not the name of genre. This is the major difference between a novel and a book.

A book can be a fiction and nonfiction. On the other hand novel is book which is written in the genre of a fiction. Sometimes autobiographies are considered novels as they often tell a story of its authors.

A book may be a fiction, nonfiction, poetry, educational text etc. A book includes all the styles and genres of writing. Novel refers to only a written work containing a story in an elaborate manner. Book is a broader concept while novel is covered under a book.

Novel is a subject of book and its writer is known as a novelist. On the other hand, a book is written by a writer or an author. A novelist too is sometimes called a writer.

A novel is well planned. It begins a story and reaches its end finally. It has a plot, characterization, theme and style etc. A book need not have these features. A book gives only information about a subject. For example, a book on psychology contains various principles. It has no plot, structure, theme, characterization etc. Thus a book and a novel are different from each other.


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