C vs. C ++

Difference Between C and C ++

C and C++ are the two programming languages. C++ is object oriented while C is procedural. There were firm shortcomings in the C language. That is why, C++ was developed.

The C language

C is a language that was developed in 1972 at Bell Laboratories. It was mostly designed for use in UNIX. Other than system software development, portable application softwares can also be developed. C language provides structural programming which has provisions for lexical variable scope and recursion as well. Unintentional operations are prohibited by static type system.

Functions contain executable code with parameters passed by value. When parameters are passed by reference then the pointer values are used. To finish a statement, semicolon is used.

A set of functions are used in C language. Each program in C language is executed in a purpose called “main function.”

C++ Language

C++ is also a computer programming language. C++ is a high level and object oriented language. C++ is the most regularly used among all programming languages. C++ was developed at Bell Laboratories and it termed as the better version of C language. C language has more type checking than C++.

As it is measured as the improved version of C language, most of the features of C language are maintained in C++. Even the C++ compilers are able to run programs created in C. conversely, some code written in C may be unsuited with C++ compilers.


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