Catholic vs. Roman Catholic

Difference Between Catholic and Roman Catholic

Catholics and Catholic beliefs are not radically different, although there are some differences between them. In fact, Roman Catholic is one of the oldest religions of the world and by far the largest Christian group. Catholics pray to Mary and saints. They love angels too.

The Orthodox Catholic Church is headed by a Patriarch while the Roman Church is headed by the Pope. The word Catholic was coined from the Greek word ‘katholou’ meaning ‘through the world’, ‘universal’ or ‘General’. The word was first used by early Christians to describe their religion and belief.

According to the Catholic Jesus is the savior of humanity. ‘Katholikos’ became the Greek word ‘Catholics’. The word also means ‘according to all’. Since Catholics are firm believers of Jesus, all the Catholic churches are the churches of Christ.

The major difference between Catholicism and Roman Catholicism is in the performance of rites and religious practices. Catholics use the Latin rites while orthodox Catholics use Byzantine rites.

Roman Catholic is sometimes regarded as a word that distinguishes it from all other types of churches. In fact, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church refer to Rome. Consider the two sentences, ‘He believes in Holy Catholic Church’ and ‘He has a catholic taste in dance’. In the first sentence the word ‘means’ universal’ and the second sentence as well the meaning is not changed.


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