Center vs. Centre

Difference Between Center and Centre

According to a popular American joke, an American couple on a trip to English country side, when returned told all their relatives about the beautiful scenes they saw there. However they complained that the natives did not know English.

It is true that both Americans and British speak English, just that their English is different both in oral and written medium. Thus we can understand the problem if a person from Scotland and Texas fail to understand each other. The writing medium is easier to understand, however there are some differences there as well. e.g- Braces are dental equipment in American and a tool to keep the pants up in Britain, truck means lorry in America. One more such example is centre and center.


Centre- It is British English and it means the middle position of something.

Center- It is American English and it also refers to the middle of someplace.


Centre is use din Britain and in countries like Canada and India and also in America for some places like Centre Alabama, Centre region of Haiti etc.

Center is used in America and in the popular media, no matter the country uses British English or not. It is also used to indicate places like towns with the name Center in states like Texas, Wisconsin etc.

Center is also used to indicate key positions in American sports like American football and Baseball. Also in Britain the terms center is used indicate sporting positions.

Centre is used to indicate British sports as in centre and centre forward in Rugby. However American English do adopt the British spelling to bring in more class to their establishment.


1. Both British and American English are different as far as vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling of different words are concerned.

2. Centre is the British English and center is American English.

3. Both of these words indicate a middle position of someplace and certain sporting positions.


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